Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ahhh, a working kitchen

Often during renovations, I find myself thinking about the 80s movie the "Money Pit".  There are little moments in it that capture the essence of renovating to me.  In particular this past week, I was remembering the scene where Tom Hanks finally had stairs and Shelley Long got her running water. They were ecstatic over the return of the simple conveniences that we take for granted every day.  We can relate.

17 weeks after we started deconstructing our kitchen and 15 after we lost the sink and the dishwasher... we have a functioning kitchen again.  After nearly 4 months of washing dishes in the bathtub the sound of running water in the kitchen was very exciting. Especially as the water was flowing out of the faucet and into the sink (trust me that is not always the case with plumbing projects).

You will have to forgive the short hiatus in the blog but the reality was between my day job, the renovations and preparing for our new baby (due at the end of the month) there just wasn't time.   I will go back and post details on what happened over the last three weeks but where we are today:

- Ceiling: vapour barrier, drywall, mudded and tapped and primed (will stipple later on)
- Walls: drywalled, mudded and tapped, primed and painted
- All electrical completed (except for microwave plug) and functional
I like the organic look of our temporary counters

- All plumbing completed and functional
- All appliances installed including new dishwasher
- Cabinets 70% installed - rest waiting on the counters
- Counters: using plywood counters temporarily,  To be honest the good-one-side FSC plywood with water based Varathane coating (low VOC) is proving to be a very functional (and green) $110 counter top.  And I generally like how it looks.  Probably some long term durability concerns though. When the permanent counter come in these will work wonderfully in my workshop.
- Flooring: sub-floor repaired and levelled and cork flooring installed

What's left: permanent counters, rest of the cabinets, window trim, baseboards, floor thresholds, heating ducts, hood fan, painting touch ups.

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  1. Well man, I have to say... Since I have been in the middle of the reno itself, or had to endure living without a functional kitchen, this reno flew by for me... And it's lookin' great.

    I'm excited to see the finished product!